After decades of working with Canadians across the country, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) have seen 2017 experience a rise in minimalism, a term that is quickly moving from trendy to inevitable. According to POC, the idea of living with the bare necessities and resisting consumer temptation is no longer a lifestyle choice; it is the only way to find financial stability in today’s market. With affordable living out of reach for so many, extreme decluttering has become the norm.

“Minimalism and money have more in common than the letter M,” says Marie Potter, Director of Marketing for Professional Organizers in Canada. “We’ve been seeing clients who are choosing a form of minimalism as a coping mechanism for stress and financial problems – a way to re-evaluate what really matters in life and get back to the basics.”

Potter mentions that when we rid ourselves of unnecessary belongings or space we gain more – more time to enjoy life, more money for our payments, more happiness. The trend encourages people to live within their means and accumulate as little as possible. If you do not have time for your things, Potter says, there’s no point in having it.

The strategy for POC organizers is two tiered. First they help clients determine what items are a must-have, often providing suggestions on where clients can repurpose, sell or donate the items that are not needed. Next, they organize the financial must-haves. POC says consumption does not have to be completely stopped, but it cannot, under any circumstances, support overworking or debt.

“This technique is different then decluttering,” says Potter. “Decluttering is getting rid of an overabundance of stuff. Minimalism, on the other hand, is about keeping only what you need to live and getting rid of the rest. If that means getting rid of a cell phone, television or laptop, so be it.”

Though this lifestyle has yet to become an everyday occurrence, it has been gaining traction. Traction that Potter says will continue to grow.

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Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) is a national registered non-profit association that provides education, business development tools and a code of ethics for all types of organizers across Canada. Currently representing over 500 Professional Organizers in more than 14 chapters nation-wide, POC’s mandate is to provide a supportive environment for members to learn, share ideas, network, and exchange resources. POC also works to educate the public about the organizing industry and the benefits of working with a POC member.

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