By the time Friday comes around, many of us are left wondering where the week went as we haven’t accomplished what we had set out to do. With work, family, extra curricular activities and social events, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, which leads to procrastination and, ultimately, not completing important tasks. A simple Google search will provide a wide range of solutions, but again this can be overwhelming and delay the implementation of a solution. Fortunately, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) have the solution to help maximize both time management and productivity. Spend a few hours on Sunday evening doing five simple things to organize your week and you’ll find it easier to complete everything on your To-Do list.

“A little bit of preparation goes a long way,” says Dennise Conforti, of Professional Organizers in Canada. “And what better time than Sunday evening to plan ahead and make sure the week goes smoothly. I know you don’t want to spend your whole Sunday on preparation, but I find if I put aside an hour or so to go through my five-step check-list my whole week is less stressful.”

These much-needed Sunday night routine tips from Professional Organizers in Canada will help keep you on task throughout the week:

  1. Go through your day planner and check what next week looks like. Check all your appointments to make sure that you’re not double booked and ensure that you’ve allocated enough travel time (if required) and include “buffer time” to arrive calm, cool and collected.
  2. Evaluate and prioritize your To-Do list (and maybe set calendar alerts in your phone for ‘must-remember’ items or appointments). Plan to get your hardest/most time-consuming tasks done early in the week. That way, as the weekend gets closer, you won’t feel as if you’re playing catch up. Use an app to capture ideas and take away the stress of having to keep everything in your head, one we recommend is
  3. Do a weekly shop and plan out your meals for the week (or use an online grocery shopping site and arrange for delivery or pick-up). This will ensure that you have everything you need on hand when it comes to preparing meals throughout the week.
  4. Having gone through your day planner, you will have a clear idea of what you are doing each day, so you will be able to plan your clothing choices in advance. Arrange your outfits on hangers and place them in a specific area of your closet. If you have kids, you can sort out their clothes for the week as well.
  5. Schedule time for yourself. And not just as part of your Sunday routine. Look at the week ahead and schedule in time for yourself (a visit to the gym, time with friends, etc.). Your brain and body will thank you. Treat this time as if it is as important as a business development meeting and schedule your other appointments around it. This is key to staying sharp and focused.

Tweaking your Sunday routine to spend some time organizing for the upcoming week will help reduce stress, allow you to complete the week’s tasks and free up time for other activities. If you need additional help, find a professional organizer near you by visiting

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