As summer #selfies turn into back to school photos, fall becomes the perfect time to purge your photo bank. The average smartphone user takes around 3,600 photos a year, almost 1,000 per season. Let Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) ease you through this transition by teaching you to keep the best of the best and release the rest.

“Photographs are a great way to remember and relive the important moments of your life,” says Marie Potter, marketing director of POC. “The trouble in an age where your smartphone is in constant use, is that people are swept away in a steady stream of photographing life instead of living it. Couple this with not making time to purge photos and you’re stuck with an overwhelming digital backlog of photos and disorganization.”

Keep your summer memories top of mind long after the season ends with POC’s expert photo organizing tips.

Use apps to help you purge

Leverage photo sharing apps as a way to keep the memory without keeping the photo. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook let you share your memory or relive it every time you view your profile. Just remember to purge after you post!

Import your photos

Instead of letting photos pile up on your phone and running the risk of losing everything if disaster strikes, do daily or weekly photo dumps onto your computer. Alternately, can adjust the settings on your smart phone to automatically download your photos to other devices. Use an online service or external hard drive to hold your photos. Once they’re safely stored, delete them off of your phone.

Give yourself a photo "time out"

There are countless photo opportunities in the summer, making it’s easy to overload your phone with pictures. Make an effort to put down your phone or camera and live in the moment by giving yourself a photo time out.

Implement an organizing strategy

Smartphones come with unique folders for your favourite photos and the front facing camera. Learn from this and create an organizing method that works best for you, such as thematic or chronological, and file each photo in its designated folder. This way you’ll know where to find specific photos instead of losing them in the vault forever.

Use micro moments

Delete whenever you have a moment – be ruthless! If you’re at the doctor’s office or waiting in line at the grocery store, take advantage of those micro moments to purge photos. Here’s some tips on which photos to delete:

  • Bad shots – just keep the gems
  • Duplicates or photo bursts
  • Photos with poor light
  • Out of focus photos
  • Shots where you were documenting something you no longer need

Make a unique hashtag

This trend has been seen at weddings, birthdays and on vacations, but you can implement it yourself too. Create your own personal hashtag on social media to store your photos online. Hashtags pull up everything with that specific wording, making it easy to keep track of your memories. You’ll never forget about #JaneGoesToEurope again!

Make the digital overload more bearable by implementing some of these simple photo organizing tips. If you need help with photo organizing, find a Professional Organizer near you by visiting

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