Les entreprises inscrites dans les catégories ci-dessous appuient le travail des Organisateurs professionnels au Canada. Les produits et services décrits sont d’intérêt tant pour les professionnels que pour les clients. Veuillez prendre quelques minutes pour découvrir les offres, et revenez régulièrement étant donné que la sélection est toujours en croissance. N’oubliez-pas de mentionner que vous avez trouvé ces produits et services sur le site Web des OPC.

Devenez un membre associé des OPC et faites connaître vos produits et services relatifs à l’industrie de l’organisation aux organisateurs professionnels et à leurs clients. Pour connaître d’autres occasions de publicité ou de commandite, veuillez communiquer avec notre directrice du développement.

En participant à l’Expo des OPC à titre d’exposant, de commanditaire ou d’annonceur, vous pourrez mettre votre entreprise à l’avant d’un grand groupe d’organisateurs professionnels qui recommandent régulièrement l’achat de produits et services à leurs clients.

Renseignez-vous sur les occasions d’exposition et de commandite dans le cadre du Congrès annuel des OPC.

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Les associés présentés en anglais fournissent des services en anglais seulement.


1-800-GOT-JUNK? est un service complet de collecte d’objets indésirables, offrant un service le même jour ou le lendemain. Si vos clients ont besoin de faire collecter des objets indésirables, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offre une soumission gratuite, sans obligation. Recevez un rabais de 40 $ avec le code POC40. Les tarifs selon le volume des franchises sont sujets à changement à la discrétion de 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Cette offre ne peut être utilisée pour les collectes d’articles uniques ou pour les chargements minimums. Cette offre ne peut être combinée à aucune autre offre de 1-800-GOT-JUNK? et n’a aucune valeur monétaire. Limite d’une offre par client, par collecte. Cette offre n’est pas valable pour les articles promotionnels.

Phone: 866-995-5865

Contact: Mariessa Jonasz

Closet Envy

Closet Envy Inc. is focused on providing award winning, custom designed, laminate, storage solutions which are functional, attractive, and fit your clients budget. Inside the house we work within; Walk-In Closets, Dressing rooms, Reach-in Closets. Home offices, Kids closets, and Pantries. In the garage, we do Epoxy floors, Storage cabinets, Overhead racking and Slatwall. We use the latest technology to measure accurately, and provide detailed, 3D renderings of the space. 17-850 Legion Road, Burlington, ON L7S 1T5

Phone: 289-635-2001

Contact: Shaun Oriold, Owner

Le Grotté Estate & Contents Sales Solutions

Le Grotté Estate & Contents Sales Solutions is a family run estate sale company, operating in the GTA for over 8 years. We have a wealth of knowledge and resources we offer to our clients and partners. Our primary service is estate and contents sales. We also offer moving, cleaning, and trash removal services. We are your all-in-one solution!

Phone: 416-509-9689

Contact: Hillary Doukas, Owner

Address: 10 Sorrel Court, Toronto, ON M2K 1T7


MaxSold is the most convenient, hassle-free way to sell everyday household items. Whether it’s the cleaning products in the laundry room or the second car in the garage, the Limoges china or the empty coat hangers in the closet, we can resell 95% of goods quickly and effectively. MaxSold is a transparent and secure way to clear household contents, making us a trusted partner to more than 100 professional organizers each year who receive a percentage of referred sales. And it works both ways because we send customers to organizers too! Reach out to discover the benefits of partnering with MaxSold.

Phone: 833-MAXSOLD ext.9

Contact: Heather Dawson

Address: Toronto, ON

Transition Squad

Join Our Partner Network To Get More Business, Generate Higher Profits And Take Your Business To The Next Level

Transition Squad® is a full service downsizing company and proud partner of POC. We do online estate and downsizing auctions as well as manage clear-outs, donations and moves on behalf of clients. We started out as an Organizer in 2006 but realized that most of our clients wanted help selling their contents. So we decided to focus on doing estate sales which then morphed into online auctions.


Transition Squad® Downsizing Academy and Partner Network is the mentoring, coaching and partnering side of our business that operates nationally. We've built a successful, lucrative business in our market, and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our Partners to help them achieve success and greater profitability in theirs. Through the Academy and Network, we teach, coach and mentor based on what we did right (and wrong), create a community ("the Collective") of like-minded, like-interest individuals to help each member grow, and provide tools and resources to make it all happen.


Over the years, we’ve sold millions of dollars' worth of items in Canada and the US on behalf of clients and other Partners, conducted thousands of estate sales and auctions, even had our own 6,000 sq. ft. consignment auction house for several years, and pretty much done it all in the field of downsizing.


Whether you're trying to grow your downsizing business as a side gig, build a buy/sell dealer empire, or anything in between, working with a proven leader in the industry and being part of the Collective can help you achieve greater success, faster. Be in business for yourself - but not by yourself. Join Now!


Partner Member Benefits:
  • Brainstorming, coaching, mentoring and training for those that want to start or grow their downsizing or buy/sell business faster, and avoid many pitfalls they may encounter
  • Sharing of best practices, new techniques and resource materials between Partners
  • We split our seller's commission with you, plus you make lucrative fees for onsite work
  • Regular marketing of your auctions to our buyer pool in your area
  • Leverage our strong SEO and Google positioning to learn how to rank higher at little to no cost
  • Lead generation coaching and business development/CRM strategy
  • Potential access to inventory at lower or no cost and potential leads for auctions and downsizing
  • Operation under our auction license, where applicable
  • Tax collection and remittance through our tax accounts, so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Credit card and seller payment processing
  • Support for declined credit cards
  • And more!
Call Viraf Baliwalla at (416) 249-4049 ext. 303 for more details if you're interested in taking your organizing business to the next level.

Phone: 1-866-276-9680 Ext: 303

Contact: Viraf Baliwalla, President

Address: 11 Aderno Court, Toronto, ON M9A 4Z9

TraumaCare Cleaning Services

Since 1995, TraumaCare Cleaning Services has been providing trauma remediation and biohazard decontamination services. We specialize in waste removal, cleaning, disinfection and odour removal for difficult and extreme situations. Onsite inspections, safety consultation and free written estimates available.

Phone: 416-518-6922

Contact: Michael J. Maedel – Owner

Address: 441 Esna Park Drive, Unit 17 Markham, Ontario L3R 1H7

Atlas Junk Removal

About Us

Atlas Junk Removal Inc. is a locally owned and operated junk disposal service in Victoria BC. We offer affordable Full-Service Removal and Bin Rental options for the disposal of furniture, appliances, electronics, renovation, construction material, yard waste and more. We provide the friendly, professional service you want, combined with the time savings you need. Unique care is taken to ensure reusable materials are donated, or recycled whenever possible, keeping unnecessary material out of the landfill. Convenient over the phone estimates, accurate pricing by weight, and secure mobile payment make decluttering a hassle-free process from start to finish.

Scale Equipped Trucks

Every Atlas truck is equipped with an on-board scale system, allowing us to weigh material directly at your home or business. Our modern scale systems are certified by Measurement Canada, ensuring your junk is weighed with over 99% accuracy.

Full Service Junk Removal - We do all the sorting and loading.

Our transparent weight pricing covers all travel, sorting, loading, and disposal fees. No need to worry about any extra charges or fees. Once we arrive on-site, we’ll offer an estimated cost based on weight, then with your approval, get to work removing your junk.

Bin Rental - We drop if off, you fill it up.

Whether you’re planning a renovation, cleaning up the yard, or doing a purge of the garage, Atlas has a solution to meet your needs and your budget. Bin rentals are ideal for construction jobs, roofing, estate cleanouts, community junk days, landscaping, spring cleaning, and much more. We drop it. You fill it. We pick it up! It’s that simple. From 24-hour rental to multiple weeks, Atlas has a solution to meet your needs.

Phone: 250-589-2467

Contact: Aaron Lawson


Getting business insurance shouldn’t be complicated! Professional Organizers in Canada has partnered up with Zensurance to offer you a better way to get the coverage that you need for your business. Zensurance simplifies the process of getting insurance by offering a quick and easy online experience which only takes minutes at any time of the day or night. Don’t wait weeks to hear back from a traditional broker, join the over 100, 000 Canadian Business served by Zensurance and save today! Don’t know what coverage you may need? Our online tool will make recommendations, and you can chat or call to speak with a licensed commercial insurance expert for advice.

Contact: Mariano Neiman

Storage Warrior

Buying entire estates and collections in British Columbia, from comic books to vintage electronics, and everything in between. We make sure you don’t throw away anything valuable by accident, and often WE PAY YOU for your unwanted items! We help with sorting, downsizing, donation loads, and junk removal courtesy of our trusted partners in the Lower Mainland. Also offering consignment and auction services for higher value collections.

Phone: 778-887-5565

Contact: Jessica Oman

Simplify Storage with Vaultra’s Premimum Door to Door Service

Experience the ultimate convenience with Vaultra Storage's Door to Door service. Say goodbye to the hassle of truck rentals and facility visits.  Streamlining the process for seamless and convenient client experiences.  As a Professional Organizer, you strive to provide to-notch service to your clients and expect the same level of service from your partners. Vaultra Storage's Door-to Door service is revolutionizing the way that we take care of all your client's storage and moving needs when they need temporary storage for their belongings When it comes to all things Moving and Storage, "We've Got Room For That"!

Phone: 416 505 7722

Contact: Stacey Scher

ShelfGenie of Vancouver & Okanagan

Everything Within Reach!

ShelfGenie of Vancouver & Okanagan designs, builds, and installs renowned custom shelving and storage solutions. A trusty local favourite for our friendly service and full range of solutions, we’ve built a reputation in BC as the most recognized name in practical storage and custom glide out shelving solutions. Whether your kitchen feels cramped, your cabinets messy, or your bathroom just a little cluttered up, our expert designers can turn your space from pain and frustration into love and joy!

Phone: 778-984-6868

Contact: Joseph Choi, Director of Customer Happiness & Creator of Happier Spaces

You Move Me Vancouver

You Move Me Vancouver is a full service locally owned and operated moving company. We service all of the Lower Mainland and complete both local and long distance moves. Whether you need help packing, moving or unpacking, we can help plan and execute the perfect move.

Phone: 604-444-2242

Contact: Alison Wardley


Qu'il s'agisse de sauvegarder des souvenirs tout en désencombrant ou de préserver la valeur de vos objets, Artifcts offre à vos clients un moyen facile d'organiser leurs affaires et de capturer la signification de leurs objets. Artifcts aidez vos clients à se désencombrer plus rapidement et à rester organisés plus longtemps.

Contact: Heather Nickerson, Co-Founder & CEO - Ellen Goodwin Co-Founder & CSO

Address: 2 Mass Ave. NE #75248 Washington, DC 20013