Finances for Professional Organizers

This class discusses financial topics that each Professional Organizer will want to consider for their own business. Topics include how to set your fees, basic billing practices, financial and payment policies, and basic bookkeeping. Also included are topics for future consideration for an organizing business. These include how to charge a client for subcontractors, payment of subcontractors, employees and other service providers, incorporation pros and cons as well as increasing your rates.


Members: $70.00
Non-members: $98.00
Prices do not include GST/HST

Once purchased, this course may be taken at any time. You can watch, pause and rewind them as often as you like to fully immerse yourself in the material. The video is approximately one hour long.

This class offers an engaging and easy to follow video along with a comprehensive manual that includes activities, additional material, and resources, to complement and enhance the material covered in the video.