“Every time I check my website statistics, over half my website referrals are from the POC website.” -Member J.B.

POC is a dynamic, volunteer-led organization that can help you launch and grow your career as a professional organizer. Members report they belong because we help them find clients, establish credibilityand grow connections.

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We do this through a series of uniqe offerings that enable you to:

We like to think of membership as a valuable business investment that brings much greater returns than the cost of membership. You can attend a Chapter meeting as a guest to learn more about POC.

* Members must meet three prerequisites to be included in the directory.

Not sure if being a professional organizer is for you?

Making the decision to become a professional organizer is a big step. We often hear from new members who are not sure if a career as a professional organizer is right for them. If you find yourself asking similar questions, we encourage you to sign-up for our Should I Become an Organizer teleclass.