Janury 1, 2024

Organizing Association Celebrates 25 Years of Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Toronto, ON – As we kick off the new year, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) are proud to celebrate their 25th anniversary of impacting individuals, families and businesses across the country through their commitment to organizing and productivity. Since their inception, POC has grown to become a leading force in the organizing profession, with a network of nearly 500 passionate professionals dedicated to helping Canadians (and beyond – with online presence, some of us are outside our border) achieve their organizational goals.

“As we reflect on the past 25 years, we are so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through organizing,” says POC President, Cindy Wezenbeek. “We’ve helped many achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind, and we’re excited to continue serving our community for many years to come.”

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, POC is inviting members of the press to connect for interviews and feature stories. From stories of transformational organizing projects to tips for achieving organizational goals in the new year, POC members have a wealth of expertise to share.

“Whether you’re a busy professional looking to boost your productivity, a family seeking to simplify your home life, or a senior downsizing your living space, POC members have the skills and knowledge to help,” says Wezenbeek. “We’re excited to share our expertise with the media and continue to make a difference in people’s lives through organizing.”

About Professional Organizers in Canada: POC is a national registered non-profit association that provides education, business development, and networking opportunities for organizers across the country. With over 500 members from coast to coast, POC is committed to helping individuals and families achieve their organizational goals through their network of passionate and skilled organizing professionals.

For media inquiries and to connect for interviews, please contact:

Cindy Wezenbeek, President
(250) 661-8076

Noreen Music, Vice-President
(587) 889-7198

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To interview a Professional Organizer in your area, visit our directory to locate an organizer in your area – https://organizersincanada.com/get-organized/find-an-organizer/

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