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MAY 3, 2024 – Help to Get Organized | SaltWire

Cindy Wezenbeek, President of POC and Julie Witherell, Director of Volunteers at PCO spoke with Kaitlyn MacNeill from SaltWire.


JANUARY 24, 2024 – How Being Tidy can Impact your Business with Brenda Scott | You Are Your Business

Brenda Scott shares some amazing tips about how she started her business. For anyone else looking to start a business or side hustle, Brenda shares how she got started. Amy chats with about being Tidy in homes and how that can impact us in our business.


MAY 5, 2023 – Don’t get overwhelmed during spring cleaning | Global TV Edmonton News

It’s spring-cleaning time once again in our city, but most people aren’t sure where to start. Professional organizer Christa Jones joined Phil Darlington on Global News Morning Edmonton to talk about what to do so you don’t get overwhelmed.


17 APRIL, 2023 – Home Organization Strategies for Adults with ADHD |

“To get started, focus on the positives, commit yourself to the process, and power through it,” Julie Jenkins  says. “If you feel discouraged after trying it on your own, call in an expert through the Professional Organizers of Canada association with ADHD training from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization.” Read more…



MAY 10 – Kathleen Murphy from Organizing Options was interviewed in the Suburban for the article Prepping for a Garage Sale.

APRIL 19 – Six Steps From a Professional Organizer to Help You Make Sense of Your Financial Life. Nathalie Bureau, Productivity Coach and President of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), shares her tips.




Aug 10 – With fast lives as we know them, we all need to optimize the little time that we have. Nathalie Bureau, Time Management Specialist, gave us a few tricks to better organize our daily life.

Jan 4 – Edith Dandenault was interviewed by CBC Quebec on Decluttering for the New Year (no link available).


Dec 1 – President Nathalie Bureau spoke on how to designate your workspace to be efficient in a home office in Investment Executive’s online article “Optimizing Your Home Office.”

Nov 1 – Linda Chu was featured in Cottage Life in an article titled 7 Tips For Packing the Trunk More Efficiently, for a cottage weekend or holiday road trip.

Jul 30 – Jeannette Hay was interviewed on the Vino and Chat Time with Sandra Meeham podcast, discussing how to unclutter your mind and how to handle stress and overwhelm, along with her book “Getting Out From Under – How to break free from stress and overwhelm to get the life you have always wanted” (no link available).

Jun 8 – Nathalie Bureau was in Agora Forum magazine on tips on how to succeed working from home, in this improvised pandemic time (no link available).

May 20 – President Dennise Conforti gave “Quick Fix Your Kitchen” tips to the Toronto Star article Is a Kitchen Reno on Your Post-COVID Wish List?

May 5 – Jeannette Hay was featured in an article How to Change Your Mindset From Stressed to Success Focused in Cadescent Women (no link available).

Apr 9 – Kathleen O’Brien spoke to reporter Michael Colligan on the Get A Grip on Life podcast and spoke about how, in the corporate world, bad habits tend to be form from the top down and can be hard to break (no link available).

Apr 2 – Clare Kumar and Dennise Conforti were interviewed by Global News on Spring cleaning, Coronavirus-Style: Areas in your Home you Shouldn’t Ignore.

Mar 1 – Joceylne Vien’s article Le centre de commande familial, pour une bonne organisation des activités was published in Écho du lac magazine (page 12).

Jan 1 – Dennise Conforti, in her role as both the POC president and a professional organizer, was interviewed by CBC News for an article titled “It’s Not Just About the Stuff’: How to Get Organized at the Start of a New Decade.”


Nov 15 – POC was linked in two blog posts by Jenn Cox, titled A Professional Organizer is a Real Job, both in The Suburban and MyMList.

Sep 11 – Kathleen O’Brien was featured in Travel Week Blog and Travel Trade News on How to Get Rid of the Clutter.

Jan 28 – Karen Bodoano and Deanne Powell were on Global Morning News on Decluttering and Marie Kondo. The interview included what professional ogranizers do and introduced viewers to POC and the Edmonton Chapter.

Jan 25 – Caroline Rochon explained the Marie Kondo method and professional organizing in this two-segment piece on CTV Ottawa Morning Live.

Jan 13 – Effy Terry was featured on CBC’s Fresh Air on Why Sparks of Joy are so Important.

Jan 9 – Linda Chu was interviewed on CBC Radio One on Why Marie Kondo’s Process Doesn’t Work for Everyone on the Early Edition with Stephen Quinn (see 1:21:30) and Daybreak South with Chris Walker (see 1:31.20).


Dec 21 – Catherine Davis’ article Taming Toy Mountain was featured in Local Biz magazine where she gave storage solutions and tips on dealing with an overload of toys in your home (no link available).

Nov 23 – Melanie Higuchi was featured in a Calgary Herald article, Get Your Home Photo-Ready for the Holiday Rush.

Oct 2 – Dennise Conforti was interviewed by Viva Magazine Online on Top Organizing Tips To Help Relieve Stress From Your Work Week.

Sep 27 – Julie Fortin was interviewed on CTV Ottawa Morning Live on How to Organize and Pack a Carry On Bag.

Sep 24 – City Parent ran an article based on a news release about following a Sunday night routine (no link available).

Sep 1 – Julie Fortin was interviewed on CTV Morning Live Ottawa on Organizing Your Dorm Room.

Aug 28 – Angie LeClair was interviewed on CP24 @ Noon about back to school tips for college and university students moving into dorms for the first time. (no link available)

Aug 27 – Julie Fortin was interviewed on CTV Morning Live organizing for dorm living.

Jul 28 – Linda Chu was interviewed on Global News Morning Weekend BC’s Open House about Organizing Your Garage.

Jun 21 – Judy Rickey was interviewed on How To Declutter Your Kitchen Counter.

May 30 – City Parent published an article by Marie Potter about Getting Organized to Return to Work after Maternity Leave (no link available).

May 25 – Julie Fortin was interviewed on CTV Ottawa Morning Live on How to Organize a Garage Sale.

Apr 18 – The Peace River Record-Gazette interviewed Amber Marcoux both in print and online on Being Organized: Good for Many Reasons (no link available).

Apr 13 – Lisa Watts contributed an article to Oshawa This Week about organizing for spring titled The Change of Season Shuffle.

Apr 12 – Caroline Rochon was interviewed on CTV Ottawa Morning Live about Organizing your Home for Spring.

Apr 5 – CTV’s Quick Fix at Five featured Samantha Kristoferson of KW Professional Organizing speaking about How Bullet Journals Can Help You Organize Your Life.

Apr 4 – Emilio Jose Garcia of KW Professional Organizing spoke about Swedish Death Cleaning on CTV’s Quick Fix at Five. He also appeared on the same day on CTV News Kitchener on How to Start Spring Cleaning.

Mar 15 – Marie Potter gave tips for an article in Next Home Magazine called Get Organized in 2018! This also was published on the Next Home website on March 24.

Mar 25 – Global News interviewed Clare Kumar about How to Clean and Organize the Garage.

Feb 23 – Modern Mississauga published an article by Susan Toth titled Smart Tips on How to Pack Efficiently for Any Vacation or Trip.

Feb 21 – City Parent published an article by Susan Toth, Take the Stress Out of Packing for March Break Travel about packing tips for March Break. (no link available)

Feb 17 – Clare Kumar was interviewed about packing tips for March Break by 105.9 The Region. (no link available)

Jan 16 – Modern Mississauga published Marie Potter’s article on Easy Ways to Organize your Medicine Cabinet.

Feb 8 – Sheindl Rothman and her company Positive Spaces/Espaces positifs were featured in an online article titled Positive Spaces: The Encouragement and Expertise to Get Organized, in Around Westmount (no link available)

Feb 1 – KW Professional Organizing was featured on CTV’s Quick Fix at Five on Digital Organizing Tips.

Jan 10 – Samantha Kristoferson and Emilio Jose Garcia of KW Professional Organizing were featured in The Community Edition article Getting Professional Organized in the New Year.

Jan 6 – Global News online ran a story on 8 Useless Household Items You Should Get Rid of in 2018 based on an interview with Clare Kumar.

Jan 1 – Global News online included tips from Marie Potter in its article titled 100 Ways to Have a Happier, Healthier 2018.