The Assessment

Designed to help you gain confidence as you meet every new client, this course walks you through the steps it takes to develop strong, steady, healthy, trusting relationships.

As you work your way through the presentation and manual, you’ll learn more about your personality, what clients reveal through their choice of words and body language, and the importance of looking for a good fit with your potential client. Aimed at anyone who is looking to strengthen their assessment skills and be ready to deal with changes, this dynamic approach to getting to yes is just what the doctor ordered!


Members: $70.00
Non-members: $98.00
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Once purchased, this course may be taken at any time. You can watch, pause and rewind them as often as you like to fully immerse yourself in the material. The video is approximately one hour long.

This class offers an engaging and easy to follow video along with a comprehensive manual that includes activities, additional material, and resources, to complement and enhance the material covered in the video.