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An investment in education pays the best interest.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) provides numerous professional development and business-learning options to members and non-members alike. Along with invaluable information and training, the POC education program provides networking opportunities with like-minded business owners.

Should I Become A Professional Organizer? – This Zoom course is the one you should take if you are uncertain about a career in professional organizing and will answer all your questions about the field of professional organizing.

Trained Professional Organizing Program (TPO) – The TPO program helps professional organizers move their careers to the next level. It consists of 12 courses, covering both residential and business organizing, safety, working with children and seniors, assessments and more. You can take one course, or all 12, in whatever order you like. Upon completion of the courses, students can take the TPO exam. Please note this is not a certification program – you can’t reference yourself as a certified TPO once you pass the exam. Rather you can note on your website, CV and to clients that you have completed the TPO program. Please read our Courses and Exam Policies before taking a course or exam.

Launch and Grow Your Business Program – This is a three module face-to-face program facilitated by an experienced professional organizer. These classes teach you how run and grow a successful business and include practical tips, techniques and industry information. Students can select one module or take all three. Courses are run in a class-room setting at locations across the country, along with prior to the conference. Alternatively, you can purchase the Launch and Grow Manuals for self-learning.

Something for Everyone!

Join as a member and receive significant discounted rates on all educational offerings. Non-members are also welcome to take any of the courses. To register, the Events page is updated on a regular basis with upcoming courses, chapter meetings and any other POC events.

Or join us at the POC Annual Conference for workshops, presentations, hands-on learning, networking and a lot of fun with colleagues from across the country.