The Atlantic Chapter is a caring and enthusiastic group of Professional Organizers living all over the Atlantic provinces. Geographically, we are spread out but we are a very tight knit group. We gather together regularly to share our collective knowledge and expertise working and living in a very distinct region of Canada. Our Chapter was formed 17 years ago and it is constantly growing and learning from the special skillset and diverse organizing specialties of its members.

Our Chapter is proud to include…

  • TPO’s (those who have completed POC’s Trained Professional Organizer program) all from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences.
  • Silver Leaf Members (5 year members of the Professional Organizers in Canada)
  • Gold Leaf Members (10 year members of the Professional Organizers in Canada)
  • CPO’s (Certified Professional Organizers)
  • CPO-CD’s (those specializing in chronic disorganization)
  • Educators
  • Writers/bloggers
  • Coaching experts
  • Move managers

Find an Organizer in Atlantic Canada

Professional Organizers in Atlantic Canada help our clients in many ways such as downsizing, coaching, estate organizing, overseeing renovations, organizing basements/garages, /houses, move management, businesses including home offices and can help individuals with special needs including ADD/ADHD, chronic disorganization and hoarding tendencies.

To help you organize your life and everything in it, find an organizer in the Atlantic provinces
to serve you.

Chapter Meetings

Our monthly Chapter Meetings are an excellent opportunity to network, share valuable community resources while garnering an in depth understanding of the organizing industry. Our regular meetings are also offered virtually via Zoom (an online meeting platform) for the convenience of members who are not able to attend in person or if weather conditions limit accessibility.

At our meetings we share…

  • Tips and tricks regarding local contacts, downsizing resources and helpful info,
  • Discussions regarding industry ethics and best practices,
  • Knowledgeable guest speakers who educate us on relevant topics such as legal issues, estate planning, recycling information, fire services, safety in our clients’ homes, etc.

We take fascinating field trips to industry-relevant businesses and we volunteer in the community as a group to help not-for-profit shops such as Habitat for Humanity, the SPCA and women’s shelters.

We also have a lending library of organizing books and magazines accessible to members to grow their knowledge and help them research for speaking engagements and media requests.

We keep each other up to date on our companies’ strategies and we help each other to grow stronger and build business with referrals and marketing ideas. We really believe there is unlimited potential for business in the Atlantic provinces and by joining together we can tap that potential, educate the general public about who we are, what we do and increase the awareness and understanding of Professional Organizing as a career and a helpful service that is constantly growing to help our community.

Please join us! We welcome guests at our regular meetings. For a nominal charge of $15 you can observe our group and have the opportunity to ask questions to Professional Organizers working in the field to see if this might be something that suits you. We also encourage potential Organizers to take the POC online course “Should I Become A Professional Organizer?”

The Atlantic Chapter meets the first Friday of most months from October to June (no meetings in July, August or September) from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at different locations. Please contact to be added the guest list for upcoming meetings.

Chapter Events

Please be advised that, until further notice, POC has cancelled ALL face-to-face chapter meetings, elections, events and/or gatherings of POC members.

Chapter Executive

  • Chair: Caroline Flinn
  • Treasurer: Isabelle Babineau
  • Secretary: Julie Witherell
  • Librarian: Caroline Flinn
  • Past Chair: Lisa Macdonald