Ethical Standards for POC Members

A proper understanding of business ethics can help a professional organizer discern the correct thing to do when faced with an ethical dilemma. This online class examines the importance of business ethics, the POC Code of ethics and the boundaries to consider putting in place in order to foster the best conditions for ethical conduct - for yourself and for an eventual team. Participants will also learn how the POC Ethics Committee functions.


Members: $70.00
Non-members: $98.00
Prices do not include GST/HST

Once purchased, this course may be taken at any time. You can watch, pause and rewind them as often as you like to fully immerse yourself in the material. The video is approximately one hour long.

This class offers an engaging and easy to follow video along with a comprehensive manual that includes activities, additional material, and resources, to complement and enhance the material covered in the video.